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Top features

  • High closing force
    Due to its very high closing force; the grapple easily penetrates the ground. Even in harder types of soil.
  • Increased length and depth
    Connecting spacers to the grapple increases the overall length. This allows you to make even deeper pits.
  • Coupling shells
    You can attach shells with small to very large diameters to the base frame
  • Ingenious quick coupler system
    The ingenious quick coupler system allows you to change the coupled shells in no-time.

Clamshell grapple round

The round clamshell grapple consists of a base frame with two upright cylinders, equipped with end cushioning, plunger protection, an ejactor and a fixed suspension bracket.


  • Endless hydraulic rotator
  • Teeth

Connecting the quick coupler

You can connect the round clamshell grapple using the gripper plate or the gripper bracket, directly to the front axle of the quick coupler.

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Various types

The clamshell grapple round is available in various types.

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