boom extension

Is your existing boom too short for your projects? Pladdet can extend it to your desired length. This is almost always done in combination with a counterweight reinforcement to balance the entire structure. With our experience in this business for more than 15 years, we have accumulated a considerable database. We have already done these modifications to every brand of machinery – from a standard 50 cm dipper-stick extension to a 4-metre extension of both dipper-stick and excavator arm.

By using high-strength steels such as Strenx700 in combination with elastic welding wire, we prevent the formation of cracks. Hydraulic lines are also extended and, if required, we can completely repaint the excavator arm in the original factory colour or customer colour. The original excavator arm can be delivered to us unassembled or still attached to the machine, in which case we perform the disassembly work. Have a look at an impression of the various projects listed here below.


Recently completed

  • Volvo EC380D: 22-m demolition boom with quick-coupler system for changing boom parts
  • Hitachi ZX350: triple boom


  • Kato 1430: Elongation and reach-extension of main excavator arm and digging arm plus mounting of an extra fulcrum on main excavator arm
  • Doosan DX420