High-reach demolition booms

Demolition at height is a special kind of expertise in this field. Pladdet can completely adapt existing machines for demolition work. We produce the so-called high-reach demolition booms for this purpose, this up to a length of approx. 30 metres. In recent years, we have converted dozens of machines into demolition machines, gaining a great deal of experience.

Modular boom design

Optionally, we can equip the booms with a boom exchange system. This can be operated mechanically or hydraulically. A short arm of approx. 2 to 2.5 metres is then mounted on the machine itself. The operator can then attach various booms as desired. The booms not currently in use can be stored in a transport frame, which also serves to facilitate the coupling. For example, the same machine can be used for both demolition and dredging work.

The hydraulic lines on the machine can be executed either as full automatic-connection lines or as quick couplings, or in a budget-friendly manner with manual couplings for the hydraulic lines.

The gallery below shows several examples of machines that have been modified.