need a better view of your work?

The hydraulically adjustable and tiltable cab is the solution. We have modified many machines in the past few years. The experience gained here is always incorporated in the improvement of these cabins. Since 2019, all cabins are equipped with:

  • End-cushioning on the cylinders for comfortable, shock-free operation.
  • Emergency lowering, which can also be controlled externally.
  • Hose breakage valves
  • Stable frame construction

For example, Pladdet can make a tilting cabin for demolition work. This can be modified to tilt back approximately 30 degrees, giving the operator a comfortable view of the work site.

for all brands of machinery

In addition, we can also adjust the height of the cab so that it’s easier to look into the cargo hold of a ship during transhipment work, for example, or into a container at a container park. These adaptations can be made to all brands of machinery. The most popular version is adjustable up to 2.5 metres in height.

bespoke recommendations

Do you have any other requirements in addition to the ones described above? Feel free to contact us for a tailor-made cabin.