Pladdet can increase the counterweight of any brand or type of machine. This can be done by reinforcing an intermediate or superstructure (upper and lower) with extra weight. This results in better stability for modified (extended) booms. From the smallest to the largest class of machines.


The superstructure option is the easiest and most wallet-friendly choice. This structure is easy to disassemble, but does have the disadvantage of limited view to the rear.

Intermediate structure

The intermediate structure is the most attractive option. In addition, this method of additional counterweight places the original ballast block further away from the machine’s centre of rotation, making it technically preferable. It is practically indistinguishable from the original with the naked eye.

Lower structure

Modifying the lower structure, like the superstructure, is simple and affordable. It’s easy to dismantle and there’s no restriction to the rear view, since the additional weight is placed beneath the original counterweight. This method of machine weight reinforcement requires sufficient clearance between the undercarriage and the counterweight.

counterweight – hydraulically removable

Pladdet can perform the modifications in such a way that the entire counterweight is hydraulically removable. This is particularly advantageous for large, heavy machines, providing greater flexibility for transport.

counterweight – hydraulically extendible

The counterweight can also be made hydraulically extendable. This increases the distance between the slewing ring and the counterweight, which temporarily increases stability. A major advantage of this is that the total weight and turning radius do not increase.

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