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Strong features

  • Extremely strong
    The loading bins are made of S355 high-strength steel and a blade of HB500 quality.
  • Large reach
    The extended reach of the Pladdet high tip bucket is a great advantage. The height gain compared to a standard bucket is between 20 and 30 percent, depending on the type of wheel loader
  • For every shovel
    Pladdet supplies a perfectly fitting high dump bucket for every brand and machine. The bucket is made to measure, depending on the wishes and the type of wheel loader.
Product description

Wheel loader high tip bucket

The Pladdet high tip bucket is made of high quality steel S355 and a blade of HB500 quality. As an option, a reversible change blade is often chosen, a wear-resistant bottom made of Hardox®, different types of teeth, a stainless steel bottom and convex side partitions to prevent material loss.

Pladdet high tip bucket
As standard, a high tip bucket consists of:

  • 2 cylinders with end cushioning
  • Hardened steel pins
  • Lubrication by the pins
  • Bronze bushes in the pivots
  • Hydraulic pipes hidden and protected by sheet metal profiles
  • Sealed’ stops by means of rubber end mufflers

Quick couplers for high tip shovels
For high tip shovel buckets we supply the matching and most used quick coupling systems; system 2000, Lundberg (Volvo) and Oilquick. These systems have a vertical locking and, due to the special design, lose minimum breakout force.

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