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Strong features

  • Backpressure up to 16 bar
    The demolition hammer operates with a return pressure of up to 16 bar. This makes the hammer ideal for use with the latest machines.
  • Two moving parts
    We keep wear and service to a minimum with only two moving parts.
  • Chisels
    Comes standard with two point chisels.
  • Lubrication system
    From the PDH45 upwards, the hammers come with a hydraulically controlled greasing system as standard.
Product description

Demolition hammer

In 2012 we introduced our ‘Pladdet Demolition Hammer’ to the market. The rock-solid combination of a high quality demolition hammer, supported by a 3-year warranty, offers the best product at the most customer-friendly price. The hammer operates on the basis of hydraulic pressure in combination with an added nitrogen chamber. This has the great advantage of making the hammer much more ‘explosive’. The larger hammers are equipped with an accumulator to prevent peak pressures in the hydraulic system.


  • Different types of chisels
  • Automatic greasing system (hydraulically controlled)
  • Hour meter

3-year warranty
The Pladdet breaker has an exceptional 3-year warranty.

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Various models

The demolition hammer is available in different sizes.

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