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  • Suitable for all any construction
    Our combi crusher works its way powerfully and quickly through any type construction.
  • 360º rotation
    The Combi crusher is 360º rotatable by using Parker® hydraulic motor
  • Low weight
    Our combi crusher has a low weight and an optimal centre of gravity.
    This makes it the ideal combi crusher for every demolisher and contractor.
  • 3-year warranty
    Our combi crusher has a 3-year warranty period (!).

Combi crushers

Suitable for machines from approx. 2 tonnes up to 100 tonnes.
The combi crusher is characterised by its great performance. By using the right hydraulic components, the crusher works extremely efficiently. This translates into short cycle times and low fuel consumption by your excavator. The powerful cylinders are equipped with a speed control valve. This speed control valve ensures a rapid open/closed cycle. 
The combi crusher is called the Pladdet Demolition Primary Crusher. 

Compatable jaws:
* JAW01 -> Demolition jaws(demolition of concrete structures, for max. thrust force)
* JAW02 -> Pulveriser jaws (for reducing debris or efficient demolition of softer concrete)
* JAW03 -> Steel cutting jaws(for various steel cutting activities)
* JAW04 -> Combi break jaws(demolition of concrete structures with slightly wider jaws) 

Our combi crusher is made out of Hardox® or reinforced cast iron, depending on the type.
This allows the pulveriser to deliver maximum performance with minimal wear and tear.  

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Various types

The combi crusher is available in various types.

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