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  • High closing force
    Optimal application of the cylinder attachment points gives this grapple high closing force.
  • Robust
    This grapple has been developed to withstand rough handling.
  • High quality materials
    The shells are made of Hardox® and the frame of high-strength steel. The strength and stiffness of the frame are unrivalled.
  • Warranty
    3 years!

Transfer grapple

Base unit
The transfer grapple has a base unit with a moving shell mounted on both sides. The base unit contains two or four cylinders and two or four stabiliser bars.

We supply various standardised transfer grapples. In addition, we have developed a special transfer grapple. This grapple is resistant to salt water. In consultation with you, we can design and construct other applications.  


  • Load hooks on primary yoke  
  • Endless hydraulic rotator 

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Various types

The transfer grapple is available in various types.

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