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Strong features

  • Sturdy spirals
    The Earthdrills themselves have a material thickness of 8 mm up to a diameter of 600 mm and even 10 mm above that.
  • High-torque engines
    A torque is required to drive larger diameter drill bits without problems.
  • Coupling frame
    Comes standard with handy coupling frame to guide the auger.
  • Stump Grinder
    A tree stump scraper is also available for each drill motor.


Maximum durability earthdrill 
The auger itself is also called a spiral. The standard size of a spiral varies from 100 mm to 1.000 mm in diameter. The maximum diameter of the spiral is determined by the size of the drilling motor and the type of soil. As standard, we supply the spirals with a round connection (65 mm). Larger types are supplied with a square connection (75 mm). For maximum durability, we provide all spirals with hardened teeth at the bottom. This also makes them suitable for drilling into stony soil.

Drill length earthdrill 
The standard drilling length is 1.500 mm. In order to be able to drill deeper, we supply extensions on request. Drill bits in other lengths can be supplied on request.

Connection frame earthdrill 
Our earthdrills come with a coupling frame for the excavator as standard. This frame is provided with a hole pattern. By mounting an attachment plate with, for instance, CW05 adapter, we can couple the earthdrill. The earthdrill operates on the standard hydraulic system of your excavator.

Options earthdrill

  • Stumpgrinder.

3-year warranty
Our earthdrill has a 3-year(!) guarantee.

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Various types

The auger is available in various types.

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