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  • Short construction height and 360º rotation
    The short construction height and 360º rotation of our railway cutter ensures fast and accurate positioning of the jaws.
  • High closing force
    The two large-diameter cylinders and speed control valve provide exceptionally high closing force.
  • Fast cycle time
    Our railway cutter has a cycle time that is at least 30% faster compared to other similar models. That's why our Pladdet Railway Cutter is the best choice for work that needs to be done on railway tracks.
Product description

Railway Cutter

Our railway cutter allows you to make optimum use of the limited space available on the tracks. The railway cutter is suitable for rails up to a hardness of 900 N/mm². But harder or larger rails are also possible. This depends on the situation. Take into account the extreme strain on the blades and the increasing wear or the appearance of fractures.

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Various types

The railway cutter is available in various types.

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