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Strong features

  • Countersunk suspension
    This bucket has a countersunk suspension, which provides more breakout force and a minimum build-up height.
  • Oblique sidewalls
    The bucket is fitted with oblique sidewalls, which reduces the risk of damage.
  • Longer underside
    A longer underside allows the bucket to hold more load and gives the operator a better view of the blade.
Product description

Grading bucket

Grading bucket
The sophisticated shape of this bucket allows for cleaner and more efficient finishing and a better view of the work in progress.

Screed bucket construction
The recessed suspension of this bucket increases breakout force and minimises bucket height. Oblique sidewalls reduce the risk of damage. The longer underside of the screed bucket holds more load and gives you a better view of the blade when finishing work.

Grading buckets options
We supply the grading bucket with or without a profile blade.
TIP: This bucket is also available completely in Hardox. The advantage is that the weight remains minimal and the bucket is very wear-resistant. In short: the perfect properties for use under your tiltrotator.

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