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Strong features

  • Can be rotated 360 degrees
    The grab has a hydraulic rotator that can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Horizontal assembly
    Double-acting hydraulic cylinder mounted horizontally in the tub structure to prevent damage from gripping material.
  • Setting the levelling depth
    Vertical adjustment of the roller boxes for setting the levelling depth.

  • Wear-resistant steel
    The lateral and lower blades are made of wear-resistant structural steel.
Product description

Sleeper changer ballast excavation unit

The sleeper changer ballast excavation unit is equipped with a rotating grab module that allows crossbars to be replaced without dismantling the rails. This offers advantages for quick repairs, for example.

Technical specifications

Weight: 1135 kg
Width: 2800 mm
Height: 790 mm
Machine class: 13-20 ton
Hydraulic system: Opening and closing R3 / 4
Rotating: R1 / 2
Operating pressure: opening and closing max. 250 bar

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