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Top features

  • Maintains demolition force
    Minimal loss of demolition force due to the lowest possible construction of the quick coupler
    the distance from boom pin to blade is lower than with e.g. the s-quick coupler.
  • Hardened axle stubs
    Each quick coupler is equipped with hardened axle stubs and hardened front axle to maximise service life.
  • Optimal fit
    Each quick coupler is milled after welding for an optimal fit.
  • Safety
    The cw quick coupler is equipped with a double safety device. The cylinder keeps the key retracted and the springs also keep this key retracted until the cylinder is sent out.
Product description

Cw quick coupler system

We supply the CW quick coupler system in three different variants:

  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical
  • Spindle

Load hook
a common option is a matching load hook with certificate. In the ‘models’ table below you can see which load hook belongs to which quick coupler. All technical details can also be found here.

our standard quick couplers up to CW55s have a cast body.
The heavier quick couplers, such as the CW70 and CW100, are constructed entirely of Hardox®.

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Various types

The Cw quick coupler system is available in various types. Calculate the desired type for your machine by entering your machine’s weight.

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