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Strong features

  • Construction
    Due to its clever construction, the Mulcher is insensitive to foreign objects such as stones.

  • Efficient
    Can mow in both directions with a cutting width of 1050 mm. Ideal size for maintaining verges and railway lines.
  • Optional cylinder swing system
    Optional cylinder swing system for optimum control on slopes.
Product description

Mulcher M

The WesttecH Mulcher M is the solution for mulching verges, slopes and water edges with the excavator.
The mulcher is suitable for professional maintenance of lush greenery in places where mowing or grazing is not possible.

Product qualities Mulcher M

  • An ideal working width for maintenance of verges and along railway tracks.
  • Large-dimensioned bearings.
  • Safe hydraulic connections.
  • Mounting on all common excavators from 7 to 14 tons.
  • Ideal addition to forest floor maintenance.
  • Axial piston motor with high efficiency available in 2 different sizes.
  • Pre-treated with anti-corrosion dip lacquer and powder coating.
  • Robust construction and wear-resistant cutting system.

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Various Models

The Woodcracker Mulcher is available in one size; the M105.

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