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Strong features

  • High closing force
    Compared to other brands, the Pladdet wood grapple has the highest closing force.
  • Closed parent frame
    The cylinders are protected as much as possible by sealing the parent frame.
  • High-grade quality
    The shells are made of Hardox® and the mother frame of high-strength steel. This makes the strength and rigidity of the mother frame unrivalled.
  • Interchangeable trays
    The scales are interchangeable in width.
Product description

Wood grapple


  • The gripper shells are available in various forms. For example with a flat blade or teeth.
  • The number and shape of the teeth can be made to measure, and with or without hydraulic rotation.
  • The grab is available with integrated CW suspension or with a flat top plate.
  • The width of the shells can be adjusted as desired.

Drive motors
All drive motors are from A-brand Parker. From PRG2 onwards four drive motors are mounted. This distributes the power and provides a greater torque.

3-year warranty
The Pladdet sorting grapples have an exceptional 3 year warranty.

The Pladdet wood grapple is completely made of wear-resistant steel.

Cutting function
Besides the wood grapple, the grappling saw is available with a cross-cut function, with a choice of a chain saw or a fixed blade. A chainsaw can cut, but does not get in the way of completely filling the gripper shells with wood. The fixed blade, on the other hand, does get in the way when moving several logs or branches and is not suitable for skipping a lot of wood.

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Round teeth

A wood gripper with round teeth can grip a log better than straight teeth. The gripper is available with 5 or 7 tines. The advantage of 5 tines is a lower total weight of the gripper. The advantage of 7 tines is a higher maximum load.

Straight teeth

A wood grapple with straight teeth can “stick” through a pile of logs more easily than the round teeth. Moreover, the straight teeth have a larger volume

Round trays with knife

The grapple with round trays and a knife in between can grab wood, but thanks to the knife it can also be used as demolition tongs. The knife makes the grapple multifunctional.

Various models

The wood grapple is available in different sizes: the fixed rotary grapple, the rotary wood grapple and the grapple saw with cutting function.

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