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Top Features

  • Standard Multigrip control
    This hydraulic block between the gripper and the cutting blade allows a high specific power and ensures a controlled opening and closing of the cutting knife. Of course, based on the machine settings.
  • Autospeed
    Autospeed enables the cutter to cut faster in small softwood.
  • Strong gripping parts
    Synchronously closing, strong gripper parts with a large opening width. The gripper has a throttle valve, allowing the speed of the gripper opening to be adjusted.
  • Collector with quick-change system
    This is ideal when harvesting soft wood. The harvested material can be placed in bundles. The collector can be easily removed to reduce weight.
Product description

Woodcracker C

With the WesttecH Woodcracker C series you can dig up trees and bushes on large surfaces, along the highway or next to the railway.

Product qualities

  • Middle section with sophisticated ergonomic dimensions.
  • Support leg for safe storage and transport.
  • Cylinder with end cushioning.
  • Cutter blade: self-cleaning counter comb at blade, replaceable wear-resistant blade, easy to resharpen, patented blade fixing, strong main bolt with special locknut, blade fixing from below (except C550) and wear protection for swivel arm.
  • Can be fitted to all common carrier vehicles.
  • Pre-treated with cathodic dip primer and powder coating. Made of high-strength Hardox® steel.
  • Low-maintenance and low-wear, very robust and durable.
  • With inlet relief valve: main pressure is protected independently of the excavator.

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Attachments for turning

1. Rigid mounting

For a swivel drive on the excavator side.

Attachments for turning

2. Cylinder swivel system

2 x 48° rotatable
Low maintenance

Attachments for turning

3. Optie: Tiltator

Onbeperkt draaibaar (360°)
Praktisch bij het sorteren

Attachments for turning

4. Option: Power Tiltator

Is a higher rotation speed needed for sorting? Or a higher rotational force for lifting? The Woodcracker has taken this into account and automatically recognises and switches over. The result is double rotational force when lifting and double rotational speed when manipulating.

Various Models

The woodcracker C is available in different sizes.

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