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Strong features

  • Cutting system with chainsaw and chain trap
    The saw has automatic chain tensioning and automatic chain lubrication with grease.
  • Strong gripper element
    Powerful gripper for safe gripping of the harvested material.
  • Strong tiltator
    The machine can be turned without limitation.
    Spring-balanced saw carriage
    The spring-loaded saw carriage prevents the saw blade from bending under force.
Product description

Woodcracker CS Compact

With the WesttecH Woodcracker CS compact series you can safely remove parts of trees from any position. It is easy to process difficult to reach trees and uprooted trees quickly.

Product qualities

  • Specially developed for trees that pose a hazard.
  • Designed to be mounted on roto-treaders.
  • Available with different attachment variants to suit the excavator. As an option: mounting frame and adapter plates for all common excavators.
  • Made of high-strength, low-wear Hardox® steel.
  • Low-maintenance and low-wear.
  • Very robust and durable.


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Various Models

The Woodcracker CS Compact is available in one size; the CS610.

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