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Strong features

  • Suitable for all types of excavators
    Can be fitted to all types of excavators between 25 and 35 tonnes.
  • Razor-sharp blade
    The Hardox® blade, with its special shape, cuts right through any tree trunk.
  • One operation possible
    Removal and reduction of the stump is possible in one operation.

  • High closing force
    The closing force of the blade is up to 65 tons.
Product description

Woodcracker R

The WesttecH Woodcracker R series is the ultimate tool for grubbing and removing complete stumps from the soil and reducing the stumps for further processing.

Product qualities Woodcracker R

  • Gentle removal of the stump from the soil, so that no soil veins are left behind.
  • The additional yield creates an extra source of income for the forester.
  • Pre-treated with anti-rust dip lacquer and powder coating.
  • Made of Hardox®.
  • Minimum wear.
  • Very robust and durable.

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Various models

The Woodcracker R is available in different sizes.

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