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Strong features

  • Time saving
    Changing attachments in just a few seconds saves a lot of time.
  • Market leader
    Oilquick® is the company with by far the most systems in the market and the quality and availability is outstanding
  • Machine independent
    Quick coupler Oilquick® can be fitted to forklifts, wheel loaders and excavators.
  • Certified Partner
    Pladdet is a certified Oilquick partner in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Product description

Quick coupler Oilquick®

The Quick coupler Oilquick® is available in various models for excavators ranging from 1 to 120 tons. The attachments that Pladdet develops and sells itself fit seamlessly with an OilQuick attachment plate. Pladdet supplies crushers, combi shears, scrap shears, demolition sorting grabs, hydraulic magnets or turn/tilt attachments in combination with an Oilquick® mounting plate. So you always have the right attachment to hand!

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