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Strong features

  • Tight cutting pattern
    The silage cutter is designed for quality and durability and was nicknamed "Pacman" by its designers because of its sharp cutting edge. The special Hardox® knives are milled so sharply that they cut effortlessly into the forage.
  • Easy and gradual unloading
    Because of the short lower knife, the silage cutter unloads easily and it is not necessary to tilt far to empty the silage cutter. In addition, it unloads gradually, which doses the load in the mixing wagon well.
  • Reducing feed residues
    Because the cylinders are integrated in the bucket, the feed can be taken short of the silo wall, which reduces the forage residue.
  • Bite height and bite depth
    The large biting height and small biting depth ensure that the silage wall is changed more frequently and that the feed is less subject to heating. Another advantage is that the silage cutter does not have to be pushed very far into the feed.
Product description

Silage cutter

More robust and durable
The Pladdet silage cutter is more robust and durable than average. Pladdet has used thicker steel and incorporated more Hardox® high-strength steel. This makes the scraper extremely strong and long-lasting. For example, the entire door and side blades are made of Hardox®.

A silage cutter is made of high-quality steel (S355) and has HB500 quality knives

The Hardox front knives of the scraper are interchangeable. There is a choice of a closed bottom or a bottom with teeth. The advantage of the closed trough is that less feed is lost and the finer by-products can also be scooped up. With a tine bottom, it is easier to push the rake into the silage.

Popular quick-change systems
For wheel loaders, we supply the appropriate and most commonly used quick-change systems; System 2000, Lundberg (Volvo) and Oilquick. These systems have a vertical lock and, due to the special design, lose minimum breakout force.

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Various models

The silage cutter is available in two different versions, the KV100 and the KV230. If you need a different version, please contact us.


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