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Strong features

  • High closing force
    Compared to other brands, the Pladdet sorting grab has the highest closing force.
  • Wear-resistant hinge construction
    This grab is equipped with floating hinge pins in Hemiax bearings and with dust sealing. This makes the grab extra resistant to water, sand and hard knocks.
  • Grab shells and frame
    The HD grab shells and frame are weighted. The shells are made of Hardox® and the parent frame of high-strength steel. This makes the strength and rigidity of the parent frame unrivalled.
  • End stop in the frame
    HD sorting grapples have an end stop in the frame which means the cylinder is not used as an end stop and is thus less vulnerable.
Product description

HD demolition grapple

The grab shells and frame of the demolition sorting grab PRG4.5-900-II are extra heavy-duty. The grab is suitable for machines from about 25 tons up to 52 tons. Characteristic of this grab are the floating hinge pins in Hemiax bearings and with dust seal. This makes it even more resistant to water, sand and working in harsh conditions.


The demolition grappler PRG4.5-900-II can be equipped with a central lubrication system.
The shells of the rotating sorting grab are exchangeable and available in several widths.

Construction of rotating grapples
The shells are made of Hardox® and the mother frame is additionally weighted. The sorting grab consists of a base unit on which a moving scale is mounted on both sides. The base unit contains one or two cylinders and one or two stabiliser rods. This depends on the type of grab. The cylinders are protected as much as possible by sealing the mother frame.

All drive motors are from the A-brand Parker. From type PRG3 upwards, two drive motors are fitted. This distributes the power and provides a greater torque.

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Various models

The rotating demolition and sorting grapple HD is available in different sizes.

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