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  • High closing force
    Cylinders are equipped with end cushioning and provide extremely high closing forces.
  • Sealing frame
    The cylinders are protected as much as possible by the sealing of the frame.
  • High quality
    The shells are made of Hardox® and the frame of high-strength steel. The strength and stiffness of the frame are unrivalled.
  • Interchangeable shells
    The widths of the shells are interchangeable.

Demolition-sorting grapple (fixed)

The Pladdet Rotation Grapple is constructed from quality components and is supported by a 3-year warranty. This rock-solid combination of a demolition and sorting grapple provides the best product for the most customer-friendly price.

Base unit
The demolition-sorting grapple has a base unit with a moving shell mounted on both sides. The base unit consists of one or two cylinders and one or two stabiliser bars. 

(Depending on the type)

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Changeable Tines

Changeable tines ensure a good grip of compost and tree trunks, for example. The bevelled teeth ensure a better grip of the material. This keeps the material from slipping out. The tines slide over and under the blade. This ensures that the grapple closes completely when there is no material sticking out from underneath. The changeable tines are made of Hardox®, making them very wear-resistant. The tine blades are available for grapples starting from the PRG2. 

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Rubber Attachements

The rubber attachment allows you to clamp smooth materials, such as stones, well. This prevents these materials from shifting. 

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Serrated side plates

These side plates are mounted on the side of the shells. This enables you to clamp smaller logs tightly, for example. As a result, you can shorten the logs perfectly. 

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Closed side plates

These side plates are mounted on the side of the shells and allow the grapple to be used as a grab bucket.

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Load safety valve

The load safety valve ensures that the demolition-sorting grapple does not lose pressure when picking up hard materials. 

Various types

The Demolition-sorting grapple (fixed) is available in various types.

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