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Top Features

  • Choice
    This intermediate piece between suspended attachment and CW quick coupler is available as gripper bracket version or as gripper plate version. See the pictures below for the difference.
  • Gripper plate
    Low construction height. The grab plate is connected like a bucket.
  • Grapple bracket
    Swings over the front axle of the quick coupler, here the coupling is slightly more difficult.


Grapple plate and gripper bracket

A major advantage of the grapple plate is that there is only limited loss of height. This is due to its compact construction. In order for the grapple or stone grab to swing, the grapple plate needs a crosspiece. As a result, the installation height is somewhat higher than with the gripper bracket. This is because the gripper bracket is fitted around the quick coupler front axle. 

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Various Models

The grapple plate and gripper bracket is available in different sizes.

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