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Strong features

  • Fast and efficient
    The Pladdet steel shears are specially designed for demolishing steel constructions in a fast and efficient way.
  • High cutting force
    The high cutting power makes each model one of the most efficient and powerful shears in its class.
  • Suitable for all types of steel
    With the Pladdet steel shears you can cut any kind of steel, such as rebar, steel beams, I-beams, H-beams and round bars.
  • Heavy Duty swing ring
    Stable 360-degree rotation.

Steel shear

Suitable for machines from approx. 2 tonnes up to 100 tonnes.
The steel shear was introduced at the beginning of 2017 and is characterised by its flexibility. 
There are 8 models available, all with hydraulic rotation. 

These shears can be mounted at the end of the excavator arm, or as a replacement for the dipper-stick, allowing a heavier type of shear to be used. This is also known as second or third member. 

The shear is made out of Hardox®.
This allows the shear to deliver maximum performance with minimal wear and tear.  

* An exception is Hardox® or equivalent material. 

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Various models

The steel shear is available in different sizes.

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