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Top Features

  • Low weight
    Thought-out construction.
  • Adapter
    The clay bucket is mostly delivered with a CW suspension, but any other suspension is also possible.
  • Low side boards
    By equipping this bucket with low sidewalls, it unloads easily and is also good for digging around cables and pipes.
Product description

Clay bucket

The bucket is available in a straight and a tapered version. For both types, the width depends on the desired suspension. Other dimensions of the clay bucket are available on request. The clay bucket is made for digging trenches, foundations and laying pipes and cables. The special shape of the bucket prevents soil adhesion.


  • Wear strips
  • Teeth
  • Cutting edges/blades 

The clay bucket is made of high-grade structural steel (S355) and an HB500 grade blade. The suspension is made of Hardox®.

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Various models

The clay bucket is available in different sizes. Calculate the desired type for your machine by entering your machine’s weight.

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Or select a type with approximately the same volume from the table below. We’ll be glad to provide a personal recommendation. Please call +31 115481351 or request a quote.

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Standard dimensions ( b = bin opening, d = dept, h = height)
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