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Strong features

  • Tilting area
    The tilt motor has a larger tipping range than the tilt piece or the turntable. This is because the tilt motor tilts using a worm gear instead of cylinders.
  • Simplicity and maintenance
    The tilt motor requires little maintenance other than regular lubrication.
  • Protruding parts
    Compared to tiltable quick couplers, this tilt motor has no protruding parts, as it has no cylinders.
Product description

Tilt motor

Pladdet tilt motor
A tilt motor is used to tilt an item of equipment. For example, a bucket or demolition equipment. A tilt motor has a so-called ‘worm gear’, which makes the tilting range very large. On the smaller models, this can be up to 2 x 90 degrees! A tilt motor is suitable for machines from approximately 2 to 50 tons.

Construction tipping motor
The complete tilt motor is milled from a single piece of high-quality structural steel. The quick change at the bottom is made of S355 or cast iron, depending on the chosen system.

Options tilt motor
The tilt motor can be supplied as a so-called ‘sandwich construction’ with a quick-change connection at the top and bottom. Alternatively, it can be mounted directly to the machine at the top and fitted with a hydraulic or mechanical quick-change system at the bottom. The unit is protected against overloading with a safety valve.

We can supply our til motors with any adapter at the top. This can be done either fixed to the machine or on any known quick-change system. A common option is a matching load hook with certificate.

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Various models

The tilt motor is available in different sizes

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