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Strong features

  • Maintenance
    Grease-free bearings where possible. Grease-lubricated housing included to prevent oil leaks.
  • Safety
    Equipped with load safety valves in the cylinders for extra safety.
  • Central lubrication
    The SMP tiltrotator can be connected to the excavator's central lubrication system.
  • Cylinders
    Available with single-acting (telescopic) or double-acting cylinders.

SMP tiltrotator

SMP tilt rotator
The SMP tiltrotator or swingotilt is a true all-rounder that fits every excavator. At Pladdet, it is available with every possible quick coupling, both at the top and the bottom.

Construction tilt rotator
The SMP tiltrotator is suitable for machines from 2 tonnes to 30 tonnes. A feed-through function is fitted as standard to each product, so that attachments such as a demolition sorting grab can be connected easily. This does not require a slewing ring because the turntable already has this function. The upper frame is made of high-tensile steel. The blue rotating casing is reinforced cast iron and the quick coupler at the bottom is either made of S355 or cast iron depending on the system selected.

SMP tiltrotator options
We can supply our tiltrotators with any adapter at the top. The tiltrotator is available fixed to the machine and on any known quick-change system. A frequently chosen option is a matching load hook with certificate.

Tiltrotator TX(CS) system
We supply the tiltrotator with a TX(CS) system as standard. This makes it easy to switch between tilt and the extra function, such as a grab. Any hydraulic quick coupler is controlled separately. It is also possible to operate rotation and tilt simultaneously. For this, an extra set of pipes is needed on the machine.

SMP joysticks
A frequently chosen system is the complete proportional system, in which the joysticks in the excavator are replaced by SMP joysticks. This allows the operator to control all functions simultaneously with one set of standard mounted pipework.

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Various models

The SMP swingotilt / rotator is available in different sizes.

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