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Strong features

  • Weight
    Everything that hangs on the boom depends on the maximum load the machine can lift. The provides a perfect balance between strength and weight.
  • Simplicity of maintenance
    Apart from regular lubrication, the tiltable quick coupler assembly requires little maintenance. After renewing the pins and bushings, the tilt is again free of play.
  • Price
    Compared to swivel/tilt or tilt motors, a tiltable quick coupler is the most cost-effective solution.

Tiltable quick coupler

The Pladdet Tiltable quick coupler
The tiltable quick coupler allows a piece of equipment to tilt, for example buckets or demolition equipment. It is the classic and proven way of tilting a bucket and provides a good balance between strength and weight. Furthermore, the tipper requires little maintenance and is an economical solution.

Construction of a tiltable quick coupler
The Pladdet tiltable quick coupler is suitable for machines from approximately 2 to 100 tonnes. The complete tiltable quick coupler is made of high-quality construction steel. The quick release at the bottom is made of S355 or cast iron, depending on the chosen system.

Tiltable quick coupler options
A frequently chosen option is a matching load hook with certificate.
Our tiltable quick couplers are standardised according to the CW system, but any desired suspension is possible.

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Various models

The tiltable quick coupler is available in different sizes.

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