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Top features

  • Interchangeable gear plate
    Welding of the movable jaws is a thing of the past. By changing the interchangeable gear plate made out of Hardox® the user can get back to work immediately.
  • High closing force
    What is a pulveriser without closing force? The Pladdet pulveriser range has exceptionally high closing force.
  • Jaw opening
    Large jaw opening ensures maximum performance.
  • Speed valve
    The speed control valve regenerates oil for an accelerated cycle time.


Suitable for machines from approx. 3 tonnes up to 100 tonnes. The pulverisers are rigid, but the rotatable models are becoming more and more common and are also used for basic demolition work, rendering the purchase of a combi crusher superfluous.  
The blades at the back of the pulveriser’s jaws can be used to easily cut the remaining reinforcement steel. 
The pulveriser has one cylinder. This cylinder is equipped with a protection measure, which reduces the risk of damage.   
Our pulveriser is made out of Hardox®. The movable jaw is made of reinforced and wear-resistant cast iron. This allows the pulveriser to deliver maximum performance with minimal wear and tear. All pulverisers are also available in a rotatable model.

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Various types

The Pulveriser is available in various types.

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