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Top Features

  • High closing force
    Due to the very high closing force, the grab easily penetrates the ground.
  • Connecting shells
    The base frame can be connected to any scale from 300 mm narrow to 1,000 mm wide.
  • Ingenious quick coupler system
    The ingenious quick-change system allows you to change in no time at all.
Product description

Quick coupler grapple PG

Pladdet quick coupler grapple
The Pladdet robust quick coupler grapple is a widely deployable piece of equipment and is able to grab and turn. The advantage is that various shells can be connected to the grapple. The quick coupler grapple PG consists of a basic frame with two upright cylinders, equipped with end cushioning, plunger protection, an ejector and a fixed suspension bracket.

Construction of the Pladdet quick coupler grapple PG
You can connect the grapple via the grapple plate or via the grapple bracket directly to the front axle of the quick-change machine.

Pladdet quick coupler options
The Pladdet grapple is available with a hydraulic rotator that can rotate 360 degrees endlessly.

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Various models

The quick coupler grapple PG is available in different sizes.

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