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Strong features

  • Collector
    All models in the CL series can be equipped with a collector function.

  • Autospeed
    The tree trimmer is available with autospeed. This enables the cutter to cut faster in small softwood.
  • Large cutting volume
    For quick uprooting of small trees and bushes.
  • Replaceable durable blade
    The tree pruning shears are equipped with a high-quality cutting blade. The blade is robust, insensitive to dirt and can be easily sharpened.
Product description

Woodcracker CL

High cutting force woodcracker CL
The advantage of the WesttecH Woodcracker CL series is the high cutting force with a large opening width. The grapple has a throttle valve, through which the speed can be adjusted. Furthermore, cut trees and bushes can be placed in bundles and the collector can easily be removed to reduce weight.

Product qualities woodcracker CL
Pre-treated with anti-corrosion dip lacquer and powder coating.
Made of Hardox® steel.
Low maintenance and low wear.

Please note: the Woodcracker® CL is not suitable for felling trees that constitute a hazard. For this purpose we recommend the Woodcracker C series.

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Possible models

1. Rigid mounting.

For swivel drive on the excavator side.

Possible models

2. Cylinder swivel system

2x 48 degrees rotatable and low maintenance.

Various models

The woodcracker CL is available in different sizes.

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