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Strong features

  • Construction
    Compact and stable construction.
  • Double extension
    Telescope with double extension.
  • Inner hydraulic hoses
    The hydraulic hoses run inside and are therefore protected from external influences.
  • Increased working range
    An enormous increase in working range without any machine modifications.
Product description

Woodcracker T

The WesttecH Woodcracker T can be mounted on all common excavators to enlarge the working area without any reconstruction work.

Product qualities Woodcracker T

  • Can be connected to common quick-change systems of excavators.
  • Various Westtech attachments can be connected to the T series.
  • 4 front hydraulic connections.
  • For any excavator from 14 – 22t.

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Various models

The Woodcracker T is available in one size; the T4000.

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