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Strong features

  • Speed
    The Woodcracker W splits half as fast as a standard splitter.
  • One move
    Thanks to the possibility of attaching it to an excavator, the log can be split and loaded in one step.
  • Rotator
    Unlimited rotator (360°) with two drive motors.

  • Autospeed
    Optionally available with autospeed. Autospeed enables the cutter to cut faster in small softwood.
Product description

Woodcracker W

The WesttecH Woodcracker W series is the wood splitter for splitting thick tree trunks and for clearing and processing hardwood. This splitter can also be used as a gripper for loading work.

Product qualities Woodcracker W

  • Available in various sizes and with different attachments to match the excavator.
  • Pre-treated with anti-corrosion dip lacquer and powder coating.
  • Made of high-strength Hardox® steel.
  • Low-maintenance and low-wear.
  • Very robust and durable.

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Non rotating

Also available without rotation.