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Orange Peel grab

  • High closing force
    The polypropylene gripper is known for its high closing force, which makes the work fast and efficient.
  • Special model buckets
    The Pladdet orange peel grab is available with different shells. These have an excellent penetration because of their sophisticated shape.
  • Integrated turntable
    The robust slewing ring is completely integrated and has protected hose connections.
Product description

The Pladdet orange peel grab
This Pladdet grabs are known for their excellent penetration of even the most difficult and heavy materials. Because there are no protruding parts and the material cannot accumulate, it is easier to grab the load.

Construction of a orange peel grab
The orange peel grab is available in various shapes and with different shells. The shape of the shells ensures an excellent penetration into the material.

Options Cactus grab
The grab is manufactured with 4 or 5 teeth.

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Various models

The Orange Peel grab is available in different sizes.

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