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Top features

  • Durable
    Hardox® used wherever possible.
  • Bars
    The debris bucket is made out of bars, which are virtually indestructible.
  • Semi-low side boards
    This form of side boards is the appropriate mix required to carry out demolition work properly.
product description

Hd demolition debris bucket

The debris bucket is made for machines from approx. 14 tonnes up to 100 tonnes. The most popular debris bucket is a DP-VA65X1350mm for crawler excavators from 18 – 23 tonnes. Teeth are often chosen for optimal usability in demolition or for loading crushers.

For maximum service life, we mount Esco Teeth Systems. If desired, the more economical CAT System is also possible.


  • Adapters with interchangeable tooth tips
  • Side protection

It is possible to make the HD demolition debris bucket completely out of Hardox®. For even better protection of the bucket, we can also equip the debris bucket with wear buttons, chocky bars and side protection. The blade is also cut from Hardox®.

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Various types

The Pladdet Heavy Duty debris buckets are available in various sizes and with wearing parts of your choice:

  • Teeth
  • Chocky bar
  • Wear buttons
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