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Strong features

  • High frequency
    With the exception of the smallest type, the vibratory drivers are equipped with high-frequency motors.
  • Twice as eccentric
    To achieve a more even and powerful vibration result, two motors are used.
  • 3-year warranty
    Our compactor plates have an exceptional warranty of 3 years.

Compactor plate

Pladdet compactor plate for any excavator or mini crane
The Pladdet compactor plates are top quality. They have an exceptional warranty of 3 years and give an even and powerful vibration result. This is partly because they are equipped with two high-frequency motors. Compactor plates are used for pile driving and soil compaction, and for setting and pulling foundation elements.

Construction of compactor plates
A high vibration frequency combined with centrifugal forces guarantee the best compaction performance. The compactor plate is available with any quick-change system, allowing it to be connected to any excavator. As the motors are protected against overpressure up to 150 bar, a pressure-free return or leakage oil line is not necessary.

Compactor plate options
Customers often choose mechanical rotation, sheet pile clamps and a pile cap as options on a compactor plate.

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The compactor plate is available in various models.

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