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Strong features

  • Suitable for any excavator
    The compaction wheel is fully mechanical. As a result, no hydraulic lines are required.
  • Durable
    The compaction wheel is durable. As a result, there are no maintenance costs.
  • High compaction forces
    The weight of the excavator, combined with the movement of the boom, produces high compaction forces.
  • Consistent compaction
    During consistent compaction, moisture in the soil is evenly distributed. Unlike vibrating rollers, no water is forced to the soil surface during compaction.

Compaction wheel

As an extra option, you can add a cleaning brush to the compaction wheel. 
The compaction wheel is available for all your excavators from 1.5 up to 50 tonnes own weight. Our compaction wheel is equipped by default with the CW-system suspension.

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Various Models

The compaction wheel is available in different sizes.

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