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Top Features

  • Perfect loading and unloading characteristics
    Excellent loading and unloading characteristics due to the slightly conical shape.
  • Adapter
    The deep bucket is most often chosen with a CW suspension, but any other suspension is also possible.
  • Heavy Duty
    Also available as Heavy Duty version for heavy duty use.
Product description

Deep bucket

The Pladdet deep bucket
Are you looking for a bucket for cable and sewerage work? Then the deep bucket is a smart choice. It is suitable for machines from 1 ton to 50 tons and made of high-quality structural steel with Hardox ® suspension and HB400 quality blades. The result is a top-quality deep bucket that will last a long time.

Deep bucket construction
The deep bucket has a large bucket opening and is therefore ideal for loading and digging activities. Especially for moving large amounts of soil. In addition, the tapered shape makes unloading much easier.

Deep bucket options
The Pladdet deep bucket can be supplied with wear strips, teeth, side protection and with a front or profile knife. This allows you to get even more out of your deep bucket. It is most often chosen with a CW suspension, but any other suspension is possible. For heavy-duty work, the deep bucket is also available in a Heavy Duty version.

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Various models

The deep bucket is available in different sizes. Calculate the desired type for your machine by entering your machine’s weight.

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