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Strong features

  • Powerful clamp force
    Obtained by the standard clamping cylinder(s) in combination with the leverage of the clamping arms and the clamp rubber.
  • Low weight
    Extra-slim tapered clamp arms and low dead weight due to the use of high-grade construction steel.
  • Easy to use
    The width adjustment is easy to operate by means of clamp pins with a large handle and conical search edge.
  • Warranty
    3 years!

Stone clamp

Pladdet stone clamp
The hydraulic stone clamp is widely used for lifting palletised and non-palletised building materials. The stone clamp is standard adjustable in width from 700 to 1,100 mm. This is done in steps of 100 mm. The stone clamp can also be made wider from 800 to 1,300 mm. The stone clamp is 1,150 mm. The clamp is equipped with a horizontal double-action cylinder and load safety. The suspension is suitable for a flange or axle rotator in combination with an optional adapter piece to the excavator.

Construction stone clamp
The stone clamp is made of high quality steel. This ensures good quality and long life of the clamp. At a working pressure of 180 to 200 bar, under normal circumstances, the capacity of the clamp is 4,500 kilograms. The stone clamp can be connected directly to the front axle of the quick-change unit via the clamp plate or via the clamp bracket.

Options stone clamp
The stone clamp is available with extension pieces, clinker plates, double rubber on the underside and a hydraulic rotator that rotates 360 degrees continuously.

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Various models

The ston grab is available in different sizes.

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